7 Fonts you can use in 2021

Font is the first thing we notice in any creative and it plays a very important role in displaying our message correctly. Imagine you receive a formal job application in curly cursive font or a love letter in some paint drops or horror drip font.
CREEPY!! Isn’t it?

We all have seen that flat designs are trending across all platforms for nearly a decade, majorly all big players have rebranded their logos to simple flat colors.
Now we’ve seen a move towards typography that reflects this shift.

I thought I’d curate a few best fonts for you all which I think can dominate this year. The fact is, we all don’t need MANY fonts if we have a handful of GOOD fonts. 

This list includes a mix of traditional styles to cutting-edge and, to elegant serifs. There’s plenty of choice to get creative and experimental with typography, for both online and offline.

Let’s take a look at some of the options we can try this year.

1. Valky

Valky by Newflix.Bro

The first one on the list is Valky which is a modern vintage serif typeface with beautiful ligatures, tons of special alternative glyphs. ‘Valky’ was published by the creative team of NEWFLIX.Bro which is a very versatile font that works great in all weights. Perfect for branding, clothing brands, product packaging, magazine headers, or you can simply use it as overlay to any background.

2. Noe Display

Noe Display by Lauri Toikka

‘Noe Display’ is a display typeface with sparkle and bite. The term ‘display’ is reserved for a category of type that is unapologetically expressive. Designed by ‘Lauri Toikka’, Noe Display speaks with clarity and confidence, but the point isn’t simply to shout. Its strong will is tempered by a graceful discipline. Noe Display with their four weights have a nearly constant hairline weight, offering several degrees of impact and hype, as the stems thicken from regular to black.

3. Goldplay

Goldplay by Latinotype

‘Goldplay’ is  a modern sans-serif designed by Enrique Hernandez for ‘Latinotype’. It is rounded, soft terminals give it a friendly and expressive look. Goldplay comes in 2 versions: each in 7 weights, from Thin to Black, and matching italics. It is an excellent choice for headlines, logotypes, branding, books, magazines, motion graphics.

4. Jazmin

Jazmin by Latinotype

‘Jazmín’ is 4th on our list, it is more playful and contemporary. Designed by Eli Hernández for ‘Latinotype’. Inspired by “Globe Gothic” design yet features different proportions, curves, serif shapes and contrast, which give it a classy look. Jazmín is a great fit for use in magazines, short text passages, logos, branding, packaging design and advertising.

5. Futura Now

Futura Now by Monotype

Futura is the most popular font we have today as we can see this font in children’s books to multiple fashion magazines. ‘Futura Now’ was designed by multiple talented people for ‘Monotype’. Futura Now is available both as individual OpenType fonts and as a set of Variable fonts, delivering limitless styles in a tidy digital footprint.

6. Olivetta

Olivetta by Los Andes

‘Olivetta’ is described as an “ironic sans” designed by Alfonso García for ‘Los Andes’, the contrast between thick and thin strokes within the lowercase letters gives visual strength to the font; a dynamic that increases as the weights get heavier. The lightest weights work well in subtle headlines while the intermediate weights are ideal for continuous reading, and the heaviest weights are perfect for posters and short passages.

7. Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now by Monotype

No list is complete without Helvetica, and this is Helvetica Now! It’s a new chapter in the story of perhaps the best-known typeface of all time. Designed by multiple talented creators for ‘Monotype’. With three optical sizes: Micro, Text, and Display, every single character in ‘Helvetica Now’ has been redrawn and refitted to meet today’s typographic needs.

So, choosing a font is a fun part of the creative design process, and we hope we’ve given you lots of choice and inspiration with our top 7 picks.

What do you think of our list?
Do let us know in the comments below and Don’t forget to share this with your creative friends.

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